How to get your learners in the ACT

Now that you’ve decided you want to ride a bike, the next step is knowing what you need to do. This step is fortunately an easy one as you can make the booking online at a Stay Upright course near you. One thing you will need to know is for ACT riders you will do your course in one day and NSW riders will do yours over 2 half days.

My Experience

Living in the ACT meant that my course ran for the duration of the day with breaks over morning, afternoon tea and lunch. I was really nervous as I had very little experience as a rider, my experience was on my boys little 80cc bike riding around my parents bush property. This was a lot of fun but not the same as riding an adult size road bike. And, as mentioned in a previous blog, I have been a pillion for a long time so I know what it feels like to be on a bike and have an understanding of how to move with the bike and road, just not the experience of being in control.

Zzr250, learner rider, first big ride to Kambah pools Canberra

We started the day with a meet and greet then into a gear and safety talk, afterwards we got to see the bikes we would ride for the day. Our instructor explained the functions of the controls and we got to try them out. Before we could start the bikes we had to get a feel for them, the way this happens is, one of your classmates gives you a big push on your bike and you need to roll for a couple of metres and then stop using the breaks. Full disclosure for the part…. I dropped the bike at this point. Think I may have talked myself into dropping it but it was over and done with so I could move on.We had a break, then some more theory and back out onto the bikes. This time we could turn them on but only move around the course in first gear and by the end of the day we were doing a small obstacle course with the skills we’d learnt throughout the day. By lunch time I was having mixed feelings about my decision, I thought, how am I ever going to pass and will I feel comfortable riding on the road! I’m happy to say that by the end of the day I was feeling much more confident and the first ride by myself was a success. More on my first solo ride in another post.

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